Safety and affiliations

Safety standards

Caretti maintains an active safety committee that is always focused on reduction of potential injuries or illness. Membership in the committee includes employees who work at jobsites, maintenance personnel and management. This combination of personnel reaches across all levels and brings many perspectives to the safety committee. Each safety committee member receives annual training in hazard reorganization and control from an approved Loss Prevention Specialist. To this extent Caretti is active in ongoing training for its workforce, many Caretti employees receive initial safety training for their union affiliation, and Caretti enhances this training by maintaining an ongoing safety-training program.

Caretti has found that these methods help all employees stay focused on safety.

  • Trained in CPR & First Aid
  • Hi- Lo Climber Certification
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Monthly Safety Committee
  • Forklift & Crane Certified
  • Job Specific Hazard Analysis