Who we are

Project Team

Caretti Inc. has been providing top of the line concrete and masonry construction and restoration since 1959. Since then to meet the increased demand Caretti Inc has been divided into 2 divisions. The one side is to handle all of the new construction while the other handles the restoration and repairs. Formed in 1997 and based out of Berwick Pennsylvania Caretti Restoration and Preservation handles all work involving the repair, restoration, and preservation of stone, terra cotta, concrete, and brick masonry assemblies.

Key Personnel

Caretti Restoration and Preservation Services, LLC currently employs approximately 40 full time restoration technicians who are each trained and experienced in the installation and restoration techniques required within the industry. Caretti, Inc. currently employs in excess of 240 masonry technicians of whom approximately 35 are classified as specialized stone masonry carvers and technicians. All operations undertaken by Caretti R&P are directly managed and supervised by the Division Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Field Superintendent and select site foreman. Additional assistance, when required, to address scheduling concerns and/or labor force requirements is provided by technicians employed by Caretti’s new construction division. At present, approximately 290 journeyman mechanics are employed between our two divisions thereby allowing Caretti the resources necessary to perform project’s secured by each division within required time frames.

  • Facilities: Caretti’s restoration facility and warehouse is located in Berwick, Pa. Caretti’s new construction division and corporate headquarters are headquartered in Camp Hill, Pa. In conjunction, these facilities afford the firm efficient access to all storage facilities, trucking and equipment as necessary to perform all projects in an efficient manner.


Ralph Hart, Estimator/Project Manager
cell: 717-756-1165

Ralph began his 40 year career in the masonry construction industry working for his uncle’s company in Williamsport, PA. He became successively a journeyman bricklayer, masonry foreman and general superintendent, joining the Caretti group of companies in 1998. Ralph won craftsmanship awards for installation of brick sculpture at the Williamsport Transit Station, masonry installation of the HazletonTransit Station, and stonemasonry on the new Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton. Ralph was masonry general Superintendent for the University of Scranton Unified Science Center completed in 2012. His multi-craft experience includes masonry and stonemasonry restoration, Jahn mortar restoration systems, air barriers, recladding, sealants & coatings and solid project logistics.

Kevin Osborne, Estimator/Project Manager
cell: 570-204-9649

Kevin began his masonry career in 1992 as a laborer, apprentice bricklayer and eventually became qualified as a journeyman bricklayer. He worked for various companies 1992-2007 and moved up to the Foreman role. He joined Caretti Restoration in 2007 and stayed with the company until 2011. He worked for Masonry Preservation Systems, Inc. and Pullman SST until he re-joined Caretti in 2018. Kevin normally oversees 4-6 separate projects simultaneously.

Stan Hepler, Field Superintendent
cell: 717-756-2604

Stan began his career at Caretti in the 1990’s after completing his apprenticeship for both stone and brick masonry as well as undergoing training as a tile setter. Based upon his attention to detail and his desire to expand upon his level of skill and knowledge, he was promoted to a project foreman very early in his career. In time, Stan was expressed a desire to focus on repair and restoration projects and was subsequently re-assigned to the firm’s restoration division in 2003. Serving as lead foreman, he successfully performed numerous high profile and/or historical projects including several landmark structures. He was promoted to Field Superintendent of the division in 2008 supervising a crew of approximately 10 project foremen and 35 to 40 field technicians.