What we do

Restorative Masonry

Caretti believes that restorative masonry, both interior and exterior, requires dedicated professionals & appropriate materials to reveal the grandeur of the past and stand the test of time. To achieve this physical compatibility between old and new and prevent further deterioration, Caretti masons are trained in the proper masonry skills and finishing techniques for natural stone, brick, terra cotta, stucco/plaster and pointing mortars.

  • Caretti closely evaluates the components of the original facade so that the restoration plan is historically sound and built to last.
  • Terra cotta repair restoration and recoating
  • Brick masonry cleaning, patching, repointing, repair and restoration
  • Stone masonry, repair, patching, cleaning and restoration
  • Disassembly and reconstruction of all types of masonry including brick, terra cotta, stone, etc.

Stone Repair & Restoration

Prior to commencing any restoration project, Caretti begins by establishing the physical properties of the wall assembly.

Often, on-site and/or laboratory testing of specific wall components is necessary to establish the ultimate repair scope, confirm recommended repair materials and mortar composition and to determine conditions which have contributed to the deteriorative process. Selection of the appropriate replacement components, custom matched repair materials and properly designed mortar composition will, ultimately provide for the desired aesthetic effect and the long term preservation of the wall assembly.

  • Repointing and repair of stone masonry facades
  • Disassembly and reconstruction of stone assemblies
  • Patching and repair of deteriorated components using proprietary repair materials
  • Surface cleaning, consolidating treatments and clear sealer application

Concrete Repairs

Caretti professionals are knowledgeable and trained in regards to the properties of concrete substrates and select repair materials and finishes that are designed to replicate the physical properties of the existing substrate. Training and certification in the application of both decorative and protective surface treatments is the focus of Carettiā€™s concrete repair technicians allowing for the application of a variety of materials best suited for the individual project.

  • Caretti closely evaluates the components of the original facade so that the restoration plan is historically sound and built to last.
  • Repair of spalled and deteriorated concrete substrates
  • Repair of parking deck structures, stadiums and arenas
  • Epoxy injection and repair
  • Surface treatments including waterproof membranes, vehicular membranes, epoxy based coatings, MMA coatings and clear sealers
  • Hydro-demolition techniques to remove coatings, membranes and deteriorated concrete from existing substrates